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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aphasic Echolalia

Lord if soul if Lord if soul preserve
If preserve consume Please consume
Jesus please consume Him saved in
Alcohol in brine the offal of the skull
Secretive & innermost thinking-stuff
Stuff-of-the-world I see black light
Hover & held gleam in the lightless
Brain-cave no center into which it could
Collapse A strange I call it a strange
Lord replete with so many conflicting illusions
If soul there is in the amputated place an ailment
Not to be treated preserve if Lord there is if soul there
Is in its resident fissure its lack Consume Him please consume Him
Where is the way (where the light dwelleth) & the dwelling
Place of darkness who will find it Lord caught here
Between the psyche & the soma amid the unmeaning
Agitation if soul there is among the cavities in the innermost the light that lights
That light If gut there is the vacuum seethes & spills amid the convolutions
Please a strange I call it a strange unbearably replete What do words
The Word what mean garble of story & shocked-still freeze
Frame so many conflicting illusions If soul there is if Lord
If soul there is seized by tongue-flicks Sloughed song-
In-the-blood I see black light if black light if
Lord there is lust-giver jellyfish-mucid
Unbeholdable not-particle
Not wave preserve me
Let me consume
Thee brain-

Bruce Beasley
Lord Brain
Winner, Contemporary Poetry Series Competition
University of Georgia Press


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